Taapsee Pannu’s Sassy Reply To Tweet On “Mard Ki Body”

Actress Taapsee pannu announcing the release date of her new movie Rashmi Rocket, she shared a picture of herself on social media, in which she showed her back towards the camera from her racing area. Tapsee played a role in the movie of a sprinterd named Rashmi in the movie.

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Taapsee gave this sassy reply: “All I will say is…. Just remember this line and wait for September 23. And advance mein THANK YOU, I really worked hard for this compliment.”

Here is the post:

बहुत सर पे चढ़ा रखा है इसे , किसी की नहीं सुनती,
पर खुद की सुनती है …. बहुत बड़ी बात है 🙂

ये चुनौतियों भरी race शुरू हो चुकी है और अब रावण दहन पे ही आके रुकेगी । बहुत कुछ नष्ट करना है रश्मि को इस साल ।
Get ready to run with Rashmi in this race on and off the track. She will need you in this one
#RashmiRocket ready to take off on 15th October 2021 only on @zee5

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