Surya Namaskar at the opening ceremony of Olympics in Tokyo Japan is NOT TRUE

These days anything and everything is shared on Social media without authenticating the facts. People are over jealous to share things that exhibit National Pride. Such are the times that people even try to share false news as fast as they can to be the first once to share , what they think, is a matter of great pride, without checking for the facts.

Today there is a video circulating on social media, specially Whatsapp, which shows a group of Japanes looking participants performing the Surya Namaskar at some official ceremony. This video is being shared with a caption –

“Surya namaskar being performed at the opening ceremony of Olympics in Tokyo Japan with our National flag Dress Code, Video: 3.14 min, Take pride in spreading our culture throughout the world..”

This video is actually the video of PM Modis visit to Mangolia in 2015.

You can check the Video on our FB page here

Here is the video, enjoy and know your facts before you share.

Jai hind

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