Smriti SPEAKS To Arnab and Arnab begs her to let him SPEAK

The only thing that Arnab Goswami got right when he hosted Smriti Irani the HRD minister of Modi Cabinet was that She has been in news since the day she has become the Minister. She comes across a well informed individual and a through professional who backs her opinion with facts. The twitterati are all praise even while NDTV and BarkhaDutt are feeling jealous.

The Interview has been such a loss for Arnab that Times Now has removed the video. Such acts reiterate the fact that media wants us to see only what they want to show. Is this what they mean by ‘freedom of speech’?

These closing lines from the Smriti Irani Speaks to Arnab interview are not to be missed,

And what describes Arnab after the Interview? This..

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