Smriti Irani and Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter war


Rahul Gandhi, Vice President of Indian National Congress recently attacked the central government by posting  a news report on Global Hunger Index with a Hindi couplet by Dushyant Kumar, a poet, on his twitter account. He tweeted:

भूख है तो सब्र कर, रोटी नहीं तो क्या हुआ

आजकल दिल्ली में है जेरे-बहस ये मुद्दआ

– दुष्यंत कुमार

to which Smriti Irani, Information and Broadcasting and Textiles Minister in the Government of India, replied in a similar fashion. She tweeted:

ऐ सत्ता की भूख -सब्र कर, आँकड़े साथ नहीं तो क्या

खुदगर्जों को जमा कर, मुल्क की बदनामी का शोर तो मचा ही लेंगे

In another tweet, the information and broadcasting minister said, “Not surprising that in his keenness to rundown Hon PM, Rahul Gandhi maligns the Nation.” Along with this tweet, Irani posted a statement by health minister JP Nadda, which read: “Facts vs Fiction on Global Hunger Index to enlighten people who are keen to run down our country by twisting facts.”


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