Singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya’s Wife & Son Were At The Brussels Airport

Singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya‘s wife and son were at the Brussels airport when it was rocked by two unfortunate bomb blasts recently. They were on board a flight to New York that had a stopover in Brussels.

He told PTI:

“My wife and son are safe but stranded in Brussels. Initially they were not guided where to go and what to do. Then by the time a third announcement was made, they were evacuated and taken to the tarmac as it was the safest place. They stood there at the tarmac for nearly three hours with no food, just a glass of water. It was pretty cold there and they didn’t even have their warm clothes with them as it was in the luggage. They were then taken to a refuge camp and now have been asked to evacuate even that. There are no taxis, no transport available. One train has been allocated which will take them to a city which is 20-min away. I am contacting Indian Embassy for help. I am sure they will respond. I am also in touch with the airlines. But I am very happy that my family is safe. I am relieved.”

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