Shruti Seth again tops Social Media trends. Smart Marketing or Love Jihad?

No one gave a fish about Martyr Baljit Singh (Gurdaspur Attacks) who was cremated yesterday, what people were interested in talking about was a terrorist’s inequitable mercy pleadings who killed hundreds of innocents. Shri Baljit Singh was the son of Police Inspector Achhar Singh, who too was killed by terrorists in Punjab in 1984.
Because talking against, all and any of, Modi Governments decisions draws a lot of reaction on Social Media? OR is there more than what meets the eye?

Shruti Seth was able to pull it through one more time with her Killing can never be justified Tweet about Yakub memons hanging. Some one posted her earlier tweet asking for some rapist to be Hanged. Shruti Seth was successful in gaining the limelight, (there is this famous hindi saying, ‘Badnami’ main bhi ‘Naam’ hota hai), when she opposed the #SelfieWithDaughter campaign by PM Modi. The campaign was very well received across the globe but Shruti was in top trends, badmouthed too, but as a model anchor would want, got a good marketing hook. In her own words, ‘My job here is done’ she said.

Terrorism has no religion.Thousands of people from every religion gathered to pay last respect to the departed soul of…

Posted by Alakesh Bhagawati on Thursday, July 30, 2015

BUT, is this a gimmick to gain limelight OR is it because of the company that Shruti Seth now keeps? Shruti Seth is Married to Danish Aslam, who is the son of Mr M Aslam who has charges against him for various actions he took as the vice-chancellor IGNOU. Now dont ask, where did ‘Love Jihad’ come in the Title from!

Hats off though to the Singh family of Patriots, Baljeet Sir’s son Maninder Singh is also determined to join police & protect his country to continue the legacy of patriotism in spite of us failing them as a nation. Lets stop getting Trolled!

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