Shamita Shetty Breaks Down After Fight With Nishant Bhat: Bigg Boss OTT…

On the latest episode of Bigg Boss OTT, Shamita Shetty cried post an argument with fellow contestant Nishant Bhatt amidst a task that Shamita was performing alongside actor and co-contestant Raqesh Bapat.

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The platform Voot that is streaming the show, shared a short video of the argument on Instagram. The clip shows Shamita angrily asking Nishant, “You like this task? You want to make people happy right?” In response, Nishant said, “Why are you screaming? Do your task.”

Shamita continues to scream at Nishant saying, “You like to make people happy, right? You want to make them laugh, na?” Nishant responded in anger saying, “Did you even hear what I said,” and asked Shamita to speak in Hindi, which is the rule of the reality show.

Shamita then called him a ‘snake’ to which Nishant responded, “Gaali mat do. Agar aap gaali nahi sun sakte go, toh do bhi mat (Don’t abuse. If you can’t listen to abusive language, then don’t use it either).”

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