Shagufta Ali receives help to battle financial woes…

Actress Shagufta Ali had recently opened up on the lack of work and her extreme financial crunches.

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Days after the actress revealed that she has been struggling to find work and money for the past four years, her colleagues from the film industry stepped forward to help end her financial woes.

Shagufta had also shared, that she was hesitant in asking for help and tried to survive on her own for some time but her savings ended as well. Speaking to PTI, Shagufta said, “It’s a long treatment and an expensive one, for which I was facing financial troubles. So I finally opened up to friends in the industry, asking for help because I was unable to carry on without support.”

The actress confirmed that she received financial help from her colleagues including Neena Gupta, ‘Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai’ fame Sumeet Raghavan, ‘Savdhaan India’ host Sushant Singh.

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