SC passes verdict on Aadhar, Aadhar upheld, but some major restrictions

SC supported the Aadhar Act 4:1 but imposed restrictions on it. The restrictions are mainly with context to who can access the data. The earlier approved Aadhar act demanded that the government could have access to all the personal details of the citizens like the bio metric and demographic data.

The act was implemented in 2016 and a lot of petitions were filed against the act which aimed to stop the violation of the private data of the citizens. The verdict was passed by a bench of 5 judges, the three major judgments came from Justice Sikri, Justice Chandrachud and Justice Bhushan. The Chief Justice of India Dipak Mishra and Justice A W Khanwilkar were in harmony with the judgment of Justice Sikri.

Justice Sikiri has removed the portions of the law where it was mandatory to share the personal details of a citizen with Private corporations. Justice Chandrachud said that the Aadhar details should not have been
forwarded and shared so rapidly and ordered the telecom companies to delete all the personal data of the citizens.

Justice Bhushan made it clear that asking of bio metric and demographic details of citizens while Aadhar registration is not a violations of a citizen’s privacy.

The people reacted to this in the most unpredictable ways, here are some of the reactions-

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