Say Bye to Message Regrets, Whatsapp is set to Release New Edit Feature

Whatsapp has unveiled one of the most awaited features for users. With the feature rolling out globally in the coming weeks, Sender will be able to modify their message within 15 minutes of hitting send.

Zuckerberg took his Facebook handle to announce that One can edit the text within 15 minutes after it is sent. He posted this news with a sample snap of the feature. In that snap, he edited ‘beast of luck’ to ‘best of luck’.

This feature allows you to edit the mistakes and will help in handling mood swings. It will save the users from many incidences of embarrassment as sometimes autocorrect messes up your message.   The receiver will be able to know that the message has been edited but he will not get to know the edit history.

One can edit a message by following a few steps. Firstly long press on the message, then the option will be popped up of edit, and then touch on edit, and you will be able to modify the message.

Here are the reactions of people to this news.

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