Rooney takes the top spot by beating Sir Bobby Charton’s Record. Once in a generation player, SAYS Messi

England beat Switzerland 2-0 to maintain their perfect record in the Euro Qualifiers, but the match will be remebered for Rooney going past Sir Bobby Charlton’s record as the highest goal scorer for England. Charlton scored 49 Goals for England while playing in 106 games and Rooney has scored 50 in the 107 that he has played already. Its a coincidence that both have achieved this over a 12 year period.

Rooney considers Sir Charlton as his role model and the old man has had a great influence on Rooney because of the frequent interactions in the Manchester United Dressing room. Bobby Charlton also played for the Club in his hay days and Rooney has been with the club for the last 10 years. Rooney thanks everyone by posting a pic with his wife on Twitter.

Rooney netted his 50th International Goal and has the potentialto reach 70 goals which will becaome an unbeatable record, most Football pundits believe. Messi in an interview to The Mirror praised him by saying, “Wayne Rooney is for me a once in a generation player. One of those special players, who is not comparable to any other. Rooney is a Winner”

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