Reveals Nargis Fakhri, “Uday Chopra And I Dated For 5 Years,” Here’s Why She Decided To “Keep Quiet”

Actress Nargis Fakhri broke her silence on dating actor Uday Chopra for five years, saying he is the most beautiful man I met in India.

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Actress, on ask in an interview with E- Times said that,

“Uday and I dated for five long years but I always kept it private and kept quiet always as people wanted me to do so. But now I feel regret as I should have been shouted from the top of the mountains that I was with such a beautiful man”.

Actress revealed the reason for keeping her relationship private on the internet and social media as people don’t know certain things and they enjoy mocking celebrities.

In a  tweet on twitter Nargis Fakhri featured in Uday Chopra’s  tweets, 

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