Rakhi Sawant confirms that Salman Khan saved her marriage, naming her husband Adil Khan Durrani!

Since Rakhi announced her wedding on social media last week, several reports have surfaced claiming that Adil has denied marrying Rakhi.

Rakhi Sawant’s marriage recently made headlines after she claimed that her longtime boyfriend and Mysore-based businessman Adil Khan Durrani called it “fake”. Adil, on the other hand, has publicly accepted their marriage and shared a wedding photo on his official Instagram account. Rakhi also reveals that Bollywood superstar Salman Khan saved her marriage.

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Rakhi revealed to the paparazzi that Salman had called Adil after reports of their marriage surfaced on social media. “Bhai (Salman) inko bohut pyaar karte hai,” Rakhi said. Bhai se mile bhi bhi hai. Without a doubt, bhai ka phone toh aaya hi hai inko. My brother adores him (Aap jaante hi hai karwaya hi hai). He has also met my brother. He undoubtedly received a call from my brother. You already know it was done).”

“Bhai ke hote huye yeh mana kar sakte hai kya behan ko shaadi ka?” she continued. Bhai ka phone ayega tabhi toh ho sakta hai na kuch (Do you think he can deny Salman’s sister’s marriage with his brother around? Something might have happened only after my brother’s phone call).”

When the paps asked Adil about Salman, he said, “He is very nice, he is humble. He revealed a few details to me. Okay, I said. Nothing like that exists (Aesa kuch nahi hai).” “Mera bhai Salman ne mera ghar basa diya (My brother Salman helped me settle down),” Rakhi added.”

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Rakhi and Adil married on May 29, 2022, but they kept the wedding secret due to mutual understanding. It was a private matter. She also converted to Islam in preparation for her nikah.

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