Ra Ga having fun, calls PM Na Mo a thief

Rahul Gandhi, president of the Congress national party called PM Narendra Modi a thief according to sources. The scion of Gandhi family said so in front of social media volunteers in Amethi. He had gone there to address the social media volunteers.

Ra Ga said that he will expose all the hidden acts of the Modi let NDA Government. The interaction was held at the Forest Department guest house in Amethi, Uttar Pradesh. Media was not allowed nearby, however the lines said by Rahul Gandhi were recorded by a volunteer and was released among the locals, the video got viral and caught enough pace so as to get noticed by the media. The video was then played on some media channels.

Rahul claims that he will prove that the PM is responsible for Rafale, Vijay Malia Scam, Lalit Modi Scam, Demonistasion’s ill effects and about GST to which he refers as Gabbar Singh Tax. His challenge is that in the coming 2-3 months he will completely expose the PM.

The recent rafale deal has got a lot of attention from the Congress and specially Rahul Gandhi which has also attracted people’s attention, despite of the fact that the congress leaders are calling the PM a thief, the Modi led government is not willing for a probe in the matter and calling it an intergovernmental matter, the people seem to be trusting the government.

Gandhi said that his slogan ‘PM Modi is not a chowkidaar but a thief’ should get acknowledged on social media on a large scale and should get viral among the masses.

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