Quality over Quantity is what the new gen actors prefer.

Bollywood celebrity Sanya Malhoytra who was seen in the superhit movie Dangal talked to media about her career plan in Bollywood. She has waited for her second film two years after her debut film Dangal. Dangal was an immense success, the film starred Sanya Malhotra, Fatima Sheikh and Amir Khan in the lead roles. Sanya said that Aamir has guided her and told her not to do more that two movies per year.

She told that she believes in waiting for correct scripts rather than chasing stardom. Her next film is Patakkha which is based on Charan Singh Pathaik’s story “Do Behnain”. The actor says that although her debut movie Dangal was a multicrore movie but she feels no pressure on her head to deliver another success, rite now she is just enjoying work. The actress aid that she has seen the time when there was work, no money , no food, she feels the same today when she has directors and scripts lined up to choose from.

“I have no pressure to deliver a hit film. I don’t approach a script that way. I have no fear of going wrong too because I might go wrong and that’s ok. I’ve seen days when I had no work. I had no money, still I was enjoying the ride. I’ve got nothing to loose ”
The 26 yr old star revealed that she wants to grow as an actor and for that she is willing to sign up for movies much more patiently.
Soon after Dangal, the actress signed up many films, it was then when she received a call from her mentor, the perfectionist Amir Khan who told her that she is signing too many films which is not the correct approach to if one wants to serve long in the industry.
Sanya says that getting work after Dangal was easy but she doesn’t want to do films and roles where she is just there, she does not want to do conventional Indian films, where the entire movie revolves around the guy charachter and the actress is just there. Like her Debut film Dangal, the upcoming Patakkha is also not a conventional film for the actress, the role she is playing is about a village based girl, the actress says that she gets drawn to such roles.

Let it be Rajkumar Rao, let it be Ayushman Khurrana or Sanya Malhotra, the actors of the new generation are running behind scripts and quality movies, not money and stardom. It is good to see quality being pushed over quantity.

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