Pro LGBTQ+ Community Ad Became Reason for Online Trolling for Tata Starbucks

Starbucks is being trolled on Twitter and on other social platforms for an advertisement in which an elderly couple accepts their transgender daughter for the first time. The ad is promoted with the tagline of  #Itstartswithyourname.

The ad showed the couple at a Starbucks store, waiting for their son Arpit to arrive. While the father looks upset with his son’s decision to undergo a sex change, the mother can be seen urging him to remain calm. A few seconds later, a young girl comes and sits next to them. Then the ad revealed that the parents were actually meeting their transgender daughter for the first time after she changed her sex. The father then goes on to order cold coffee for the family. However, the transgender girl was taken aback when the Starbucks barista says ‘Three cold coffees for Arpita

This time, Starbucks did hurt the sentiments of netizens and a section of social media users is demanding to boycott Starbucks. According to the audience, the video is promoting sex change.

Swathi Bellam, who describes herself as an Orthodontist Nationalist tweeted, “I Am a huge Starbucks fan Virtually spend thousands of rupees in their coffee shop every year But still I can’t believe why StarbucksIndia would launch a woke campaign in the name of advertisement? 

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