Prime Minister Modi is invited to visit Russia by President Putin

Prime Minister Narendra Modi received an invitation by President Vladimir Putin to visit Russia in the upcoming year, citing his chance to discuss the problems and the prospects for the growth of relations between the two countries. External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar was in a five-day official tour to Russia where the president of Russia has asked Dr. Jaishankar to give his regards to the prime minister.

He wished “our friends every success” with reference to the Lok Sabha election that is scheduled for next year. He also emphasized that “traditional conventional friendly ties” will continue “no matter what the alignment of political forces” is in order.

Putin said, “And please, tell him that we want to see him”. “The general elections in parliament are scheduled for next year. We wish our friends every success in that and we hope that… anyway, no matter what the alignment of political forces would be, the traditional conventional friendly ties will persist between our nations”.

He also said that India and Russia will continue to discuss the Ukraine issue, “Many times, I advised him of how things have been going there and I know that he is willing to do his utmost so that the issue is resolved by peaceful means”.

“We know Prime Minister Modi’s position and we have repeatedly spoken about this the position concerning his attitude to complex processes, including hotspots, to the situation in Ukraine,” Putin said.

During his meeting with the president of Ukraine earlier this year, Prime Minister Modi declared that India would use all available means to bring an end to the conflict. The prime minister informed Putin in 2021 that we are in “not an era of war” during their meeting in Samarkand.

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