Police Increases Security Cover Of Kanhaiya, Umar Khalid After Letter Threatening Their Beheading Appears

Kanhaiya Kumar and Umar Khalid, both students charged with sedition, will have their security reviewed after a revolver was found on a Delhi bus along with a letter that warns that they will be beheaded.

Last evening, the driver of a bus that runs between their university and Delhi’s main bus terminal, the ISBT, found a bag with a revolver, six cartridges, and a note signed by “Amit Jhonny” (a fake name, cops say) that threatened Kanhaiya and Umar will be decapitated.

When he is not on campus, Kanhaiya is escorted by three policemen in plain clothes, police sources said. The university authorities have to inform the police every time he leaves the campus and security is provided. When he visits another state, the local police make the security arrangements on basis of the ground situation.

Kanhaiya has been touring universities where he has repeatedly attacked the government for what he describes as its divisive policies.


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