People SAY One-Direction star Harry Styles is a Dolphin. Dontgotoseaworld trends.

People are full on backing Harry Styles for his campaign to free the Dolphins from the Sea World as they are allegedly subject to mistreatment by the operators. Shamu visions has got into a controversy after tweeting against Harry by saying, “wonder why your sales are declining since your best group member left,” referring to Zayn Malik leaving One Direction.

Harry is very popular and is a known animal lover who is quite vocal about good treatment specially to water animals. He has been seen throusing up water in concerts like whales and dolphins. Shamu Stadium is where the Shamu do there act that includes whales and dolphins. Its a hopeless situation for the Sea Worlds to defend due to several stories of excesses on the water creatures, that have now come in public domain and they have hardly any convincing replies.

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