Pathaan, starring Shah Rukh Khan, is off to a flying start, with advance bookings up 40%.

Shah rukh khan movie Pathaan advance booking has increased by 40%

Pathaan has been embroiled in numerous controversies, but this has only benefited the film. Shah Rukh Khan refuses to promote his movie through media appearances or meet-and-greets. However, the excitement surrounding his return to theatres after a four-year absence remains high. Fans can’t wait for ‘official’ advance booking to begin, and SRK mania can already be seen with ‘filling fast’ shows. 

As most people are aware, the Siddharth Anand-directed film has already begun to spread its enchantment across the globe. Countries such as Australia, Germany, and the United Arab Emirates have begun the process of advance booking, and the superstar is roaring loudly! In India, the sale will begin five days before the release date, on January 20th.

But, even before that, Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan is selling out shows in a couple of theatres, one of which is in West Bengal. Bookings for Dolphin Multiplex: Haringhata have already been listed on BookMyShow, and the response has been overwhelming. There’s no denying that SRK has a strong following in the state.

Shah rukh khan fans share their excitement on Twitter:

Deepika Padukone and John Abraham also play lead roles in Pathaan. YRF is financing the spy-action thriller.

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