Pakistan SAY they did not send Beef Masala. Remember they said earlier that Dawood not Sheltered and Osama not Hiding in Pakistan

After images of Beef Masala packets (sent in the Pakistani Aid material to Nepal) started showing on Social media and Media, the Pakistani spokesperson Tasnim Aslam has been reported to have said that there was no beef content in the ready to eat food dispatched by Pakistan to Nepal. She also urged the Indian media not to ‘malign’ the humanitarian assistance effort in Nepal. She also said the people of Nepal really liked the food dispatched by Pakistan and even requested for more.

The People in Nepal, closely associated with the aid work have said these have been sent from Nowshera Cantt in Pakistan and thank God that it was written in English.

Yes Pakistan has denied wrong doing in the past too. We all know Dawood was NOT (?) in Pakistan. We all know OSAMA was NOT (?) hiding in Pakistan. We all know 26/11 was NOT (?) organised and controlled from Pakistan.

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