Operation Kaveri have Evacuate 1100 Indian Citizens so far

 This is the operation launched by the Indian government on 24th of April. Under this operation, Indian citizens are being evacuating who are stranded in Sudan.

Under this operation, The first batch of 360 Indian citizens arrived in New Delhi on 26th April. They all were feeling so overwhelming after reached to their motherland. They were raising slogans like ‘bharat mata ki jai’ ‘Indian army zindabad’.  Another batch of 246 Indians is coming soon to India.

The people are being brought to coastal areas of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia first and then bring to India. Minister of state for external affairs, V Muraleedharan is in Jeddah to operate and oversee this evacuation mission.

According to latest report, approx 1100 indian citizens have been evacuated from sudan to jeddah and soon they will be reached to new delhi,india. 

The Indian govt. Talked with Saudia Arabia and then planned the whole mission. The set up of transit is done in Jeddah. US and Saudi Arabia demanded mediated truce, so  the warring head agreed for a 72 hours ceasefire so that other nations can evacuate their citizens.

Since mid April, The fighting between Sudan’s army and Rapid support Forces(RPF) is continued. Report issued by WHO says that Total 460 people have been killed  and more than 4000 are injured as if now. 

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