OMG2 Released on 11th August on Big Screens, Reviewed by Netizens: Being ‘Bold’ and ‘Brave’

Directed by Amit Rai, OMG 2 is an educational yet humorous and highly entertaining movie. It is the sequel of 2012 ‘OMG – Oh My God’ starring Akshay Kumar as ‘Lord Krishna’ raised the question about the faith in God.

OMG 2, this time, deals with sensitive yet critical issue of sex education among teenagers without making it offensive to watch.

Pankaj Tripathi told to PTI, “It revolves around the issues of teenagers and towards the end it talks about sex education.”

Being in news last week regarding the censor certificate, OMG 2 got A-certificate from the Central Board of Film Certification with a list of suggested modifications in the movie.

Now, after its release on 11th August on big screens, Netizens praised the storyline for being bold and brave along with the performances of Akshay Kumar, Yami Gautam and Pankaj Tripathi being fabulous!

As per the Pinkvilla, an Indian entertainment and lifestyle platform, recommended to watch OMG 2. It wrote:

OMG 2 is a well-intentioned film that has its heart at the right place. The film educates without getting too preachy. While the courtroom debates could have been a little more exciting, the biggest W for the film is its ability to engage and entertain despite falling in the bracket of a ‘Taboo’. The irony of the situation lies in the fact that the censor board itself fell for the taboo that the film is trying to address and break. OMG 2 is certainly a film that could start some conversations that people are usually awkward to talk about and full marks to the makers for attempting a film on this subject. It’s also commendable for a mainstream movie star like Akshay Kumar to touch upon the subject of Sex Education. Recommended.”

Here are some audience reviews on Google after the First Show:

One of the audience wrote, “First things first. It is not a Akshay film. It is not a Masala film. And it is not for immature mindset.”

Another audience wrote on Google, “Bold. Brave. Progressive… It conveys what it intends to without mincing words… #OMG2 has a captivating plot, gripping screenwriting and solid dialogues, but what enhances the impact are the towering performances. #OMG2Review #AkshayKumar is in terrific form, #PankajTripathi delivers his career-best act, #YamiGautam is fantastic and #PawanMalhotra excels. #OMG2 has some unforgettable moments, especially the courtroom sequences, but tends to get talk-heavy at times.”

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