Now the most popular desktop operating system in the world is Windows 10

Windows 10 now holds more than 39 percent of the market share for desktop operating systems as of December. Windows 7 only framework less than 37 percent.
The report also swears that more than 700 million devices now run on Windows 10. These devices encompass PC, Xbox One, tablets, and phones.
Microsoft ended most buttress for Windows 7 in 2015. Expand support for the OS officially ends in 2020, Windows 10 was delivered in 2015 meaning it took about three and a half years for Microsoft to attain this record.
While maintaining the desktop OS market, Microsoft has still fallen well short of its original goal from when Windows 10 was first released.
The computer behemoth had originally focus for Windows 10 to be installed on one billion devices within a three-year timeframe.

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