New WhatsApp Scam, People are Getting Hoax Calls Out of Blue

Whatsapp is a messenger used worldwide by billions of people. In India, It is used again by scammers to target innocent users of WhatsApp. Some cases have been reported in which people are getting both audio and video calls from a number that originates from Vietnam, Ethiopia, Malaysia, and Kenya as indicated by the ISD code given. 

Whatsapp works through the VOIP network, meaning calls are possible to any part of the world without additional charges. This is why using WhatsApp became easy for scammers to make international calls to unsuspecting users.

The intention of these calls is still not known. The cases of getting these spam calls are rising day by day. Many people are posting screenshots of chats and calls they received on Twitter.

These types of calls ring only once. The WhatsApp users who are getting such calls can simply ignore or block the number. Whatsapp gives the option of reporting spam so users can report and block it. In many cases, scammers try to obtain confidential information that they can use to steal money from a user’s account. Therefore, users must remain vigilant and not reveal any personal information during such calls.

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