Nawazzuddin Siddiqui Being Trolled After Calling Depression an Urban Concept

Nawazzuddin is currently busy promoting his upcoming movie with neha sharma. In one of such interviews with the media, he calls depression an urban concept. He justified his comment and said that he would be wrong but it is his personal experience. According to him, the people living in villages don’t face mental health problems. 

“If I go to my village which is about 3 drive from Delhi and tell any of my villagers that I am facing depression, he will give me a tight slap”, he added during the interview.

He finally added how the person who has everything can be depressed. The person who overthinks and takes life too seriously is the one who says that he is depressed. 

He advised city folks to check out the guys who live on footpaths and are still happy.

He is being trolled for this statement as it hurt the sentiment of people who are going through and had gone through this mental illness. Here are the people’s reactions.

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