Navjot Singh Sidhu To Stay, ‘Agreement’ with Chief minister on Sticking points

After an agreement held with punjab chief minister Charanjit Channi, Navjot Singh Sidhu who first held to resign now again came back to board on Thursday after a lot of appointments.

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Here is the cheatsheet of the whole story:-

1- CM will rush to Delhi to met up all the demands of siddhu with the MLA’s

2- Siddhu’s resignation was described as an emotional outburst.

3- Punjab has been a reshuffle after the change in the top leadership held last month.

4- A 10 member pannel has been sent to appoint the new DGP.

5- Mr. Sahota’s appointment was a problem because he was the head to investigate the 2015 contempt case.

6- Channi was the first Dalit face to lead punjab.

7- Siddhu was also upset with Channi’s reshuffle.

8- Siddhu was appointed as Punjab chief after a time with bitter died with Amrinder Singh.

9- Amirander to leave Congress but will not join BJP.

10- Congress has also agreed to form a government party pannel.

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