NASA’s MAVEN celebrated its 4 birthday in the orbit of Mars with a terrific Selfie

In order to examine and research the Martian atmosphere while rotating around Mars in an orbit, a mission was developed by NASA which is named as MAVEN; it has a full form saying, Mars Atmosphere Volatile Evolution Mission. Its launch date was 18th November 2013, in order to find out the reason behind the extinct of water and the atmosphere of the planets over a long span of time.

On September 22 in the year 2014, MAVEN reached Mars where it was placed into an areocentric elliptic orbit around by 150 Kilometers above from the surface of the planet.

To commemorate its four years in the space to study the orbiting around, MAVEN, the spacecraft of NASA unveiled a selfie of the spacecraft at Mars.

Looking at the selfie of the MAVEN it seems like the ultraviolet wavelength of the Sunlight mirrored off of the components of the aircraft.

On this the chief investigator Bruce Jakosky said that MAVEN has been a tremendous success where all the equipped components are working accurately as they were planned and for the further exploration of the upper atmosphere of the Martin we are looking forward to it.

The images were obtained with the IUVS from distinguished orientations and the selfie was made from about 21 different pictures.



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