Nadal beaten Blue and Brown, SAID he is sad about the Loss.

The first game of the match between Brown and Nadal was a clear indication that Brown had enough motivation and skill to beat Nadal. The soft touch on the Net and the fast service and returns proved to be too much for Nadal in the end.

Nadal Said, “I lost and I’m sad for that. But that’s sport. There are good moments & bad moments, today is a bad moment.” “I am a good loser. When I am not that good, I always accept it. I congratulate my opponent”, Nadal Said.

Brown does 3 things well, he servers well, returns well and comes on the net quite fast and he speaks 3 languaes well too, German, English and Jamaican. ‘Dreddy’ as he is lovingly called because of his hair, has defeted Nadal in straight sets some time back too.

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