MS Dhoni’s Neighbours Are Holding Him Responsible For Ranchi’s Water Crisis

Cricketing Mahendra Singh Dhoni always remains in news for some or the other reason.

Now, even his swimming pool is in the news.

His neighbours at his home in Ranchi, Jharkhand have expressed concerns about the usage of excessive water for his swimming pool. Residents have complained that around 15,000 litres of water are used each day to refill the pool despite there being a severe water crisis in the locality.


“We have four borewells but they do not work. But right next to our house is Dhoni’s house where thousands of litres are being wasted daily. The authorities must look into it,” says Raju Sharma, a neighbour, told India Today.

The matter has been taken so seriously that the residents have brought it to the notice of the state revenue minister Amar Bauri, who has promised action.

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