“Mr. Rahul, please keep your ego aside” were Pratyusha Banerjee’s Last Word To Her Boyfriend

Pratyusha Banerjee death case is getting darker by the day.


Each time there is an update, pieces of evidence are back-firing against her boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh. The actress who committed suicide on April 1 reportedly made only one call in the entire day. To her boyfriend Rahul.

The audio tape of the conversation has finally been retrieved. According to reports, Pratyusha can be heard screaming at Rahul on the call. She called him a cheater and also accused him of distancing her from her parents.

Rahul said, “Yeh sab choti baatein hain. (All these are petty issues).” This remark left Pratyusha fuming who then snapped back at Rahul and told him, “Aap isko choti si baat kaise bol sakte ho. Mr. Rahul please keep your ego aside.” (How can you say it’s no big deal? Mr. Rahul, please keep your ego aside.)

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