Movies to watch this Valentine’s day.

It’s that time of the year again! Valentine’s Day. It’s a stressful time for everyone. Specially, if you’re single. Valentine’s Day will comes around to screw it all up for you. We will not let those in love take over an entire day and make us feel miserable about our already miserable lives. We have a better plan for you.

Instead of crying over mushi mushi stuff online, watch amazing movies from the list that we have prepared. Yes, these may be the conventional ‘boy meets girl’ plots, but nobody’s saying you need a boy or a girl to complete your life.

Lets start with a classic.

1.Gone with the wind (1939):

gone_with_the_wind copy

This movie sends a message that love maybe complicated but it is not a license to hurt people. If you can’t do it properly, keep away from it.

It’s a four hour-long movie! But trust us it’s worth it. It will make you cry, laugh and make you relate with stupid mistakes we do in life.

  1. 500 days of summer:


500 Days of summer is a big reality check for all of us to pause and see if you were really wrong in your relationship. Also remember, getting dumped is not the end of the world, you will always find someone.

  1. Her. (2013)


This movie is a look on future. It can be a good lesson in getting over relationships and learning from them, even if they end.

And how can we forget, our favourite movie with Kangana Ranaut.

  1. Queen:

queenb1 copy

All the single ladies, there is so much more to life than getting married and giving up everything for someone you don’t even love.

5.Piku (2015)

o-PIKU-facebook copy

Single ladies, make this movie an inspiration. As is it about how a independent woman should live their life. She has a steady career, an active sex life and most importantly an annoying but a loving father.


So, this Valentines Day don’t feel alone. Learn “love lessons” through this movie. Watch it and remember, but put them into action at your own risk. 😉


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