Meta owned What’s App has Launched some new Amazing Features for Android and IOS users

The features that whatsapp has launched or are ready to launch are: Same account in multiple devices, Chat lock and Channels.

  • Same account in multiple devices – What’s App has launched a new feature in which user is allowed to log in his account into multiple devices upto 4 at a same time. What’s App account used to log in in laptop or PC lately. But now, it can be logged in 4 smartphones at a time. It seems useful for people, who use multiple phones.  Now they don’t need different account of What’s App on each phone. Login process is easy as you have to click on “log into existing account” and scan the QR code from primitive phone and It’s done. It will be logged out from all the devices, if the account is inactive in primitive device because of security concern.
  • Channels – One more feature is being prepared to launch by What’s App is “channels”. It is very close to the channel feature of its rival telegram. Whatsapp is used for one to one communication lately but meta decided to transform it where it will be the platform to broadcast and upload content to unlimited audience in one go. It will be easier to find someone just by username without having their phone number. This feature is already in telegram. Whasapp messenger is private messenger so the private information will be kept private even after this update. But the content uploaded on channel will be publicly visible. Now it is being considered that one more platform has been provided to content maker.
  • Chat lock – The another one feature launched by What’s App is chat lock. It was most requested feature by users of What’s App. By using this chat lock, any specific chat can be locked and will be opened after authentication of fingerprint or PIN.  It will help to users in maintaining their privacy. It will be used by some lucky users. This feature will be launched for android users.
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