Messi‬ second goal against Bayern Munich. Boateng fell like a tree.

Pep Guardiola said before the Barcelona Vs Bayern Munich match, “There is no deference that can stop #Messi. It is impossible. how he is playing at this moment, you cannot stop him. There is not a system or coach to stop talent of his magnitude.” Leonel Messi proved him right to the dot in the first leg of the UCL semifinals.

Boateng fell like a tree when Messi dodged him, and Manuel Neuer had to eat his words “I will show him who is the boss” as Messi scored second goal, probably the best goal of the century.

#‎Messi‬ is from a different planet. Incredible. Impossible. Awesome.

Luis Suarez – What good win and hard work of the whole team !!!! I leave a picture with the best in the world !!!!!

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