Manchester City make Chelsea bleed literally, sit comfortable on top of the table in the season begining.

Eva Carneiro must be haunting ‎Jose Mourinho in his sleep now after the 3-0 loss to Manchester City‬. Chelsea not only lost the match badly, they were bruised badly with 2 players needing medical attention and they falling short of Medical staff at one point in their first meeting in the new season.

Kun Aguero was pulling the trigger now and then and it was because Begovic had a superb game that the victory margin was just 3 goals. Chelsea goalie was well appreciated by the attacking forwards too for his saves. Sergio Kun #Aguero now has scored 79 goals since he joined the #BPL.

Chelsea boss ‎Jose Mourinho was ripped apart on Social media not only because of his sacking of Eva Carneiro and some very casual comments in his post match interview. Mourinho said, “When after 10 seconds you have Aguero behind the defence & facing Begovic, immediately you get the notion it’s not good,” but still called the result was #FAKE! Jose Mourinho seems hell bent on use of sophisticated criticism & distraction techniques against his rivals, knowing well that this is just the begining of the season.

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