LPG Commercial Gas Cylinder Price Reduced by Rs. 171.50 per unit

Petroleum and Oil Marketing Companies in India reduced the price of LPG gas Cylinder by Rs 171.50. The new revised price will be different on different cities depends on old price of cylinder.  The new price will apply with immediate effect in  all over India. 

 Now the retail price of a 19 kg LPG cylinder in Delhi stands at Rs 1,856.50. In April also the prices were reduced by Rs 91.5 to Rs 2,028 per unit. The commercial LPG cylinder in Kolkata will now cost Rs 1960.5 as compared to Rs 2132, which was charged earlier. The LPG cylinder price in Mumbai will cost Rs 1808 from the earlier Rs 1980. In Chennai, it will now cost Rs 2021 from Rs 2192.

The domestic gas cylinder’s price will remain unchanged. The domestic cylinder is available for Rs 1103 in Delhi, Rs 1112.5 in Mumbai, Rs 1129 in Kolkata and Rs 1118.50 in Chennai. The rate of domestic gas in Patna is 1201 per cylinder.

This is the second drop in retail price of cylinders in this financial year 2023.

In april, the price was dropped by Rs.91.5.

Whenever the Government makes this kind of announcements, people do not miss the chance to troll in different ways. Here are some tweets which are great example of trolling.

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