Love is Pilgrimage -Kedarnath

After going through innumerable hurdles and a couple of legal issues, Kedarnath is finally set to release Today, December 7.

The film, which stars Sushant Singh Rajput, is also the Bollywood debut of Sara Ali Khan. While we watch the film at the press show today, here’s what the first half of the film entails.

“The film revolves around Mansoor (Sushant Singh Rajput), an endearing Muslim guide who not just ferries pilgrims to the shiv temple on his back but also makes their journey one to remember.

Mandakini or Mukku (Sara Ali Khan) is a firebrand, vivacious and full of life daughter of a pandit, who is fearless and has no qualms about showing the same.

While their inter-faith love story shapes up on one side, the issue of commercialization of Kedarnath is raised on the other hand.

Where influential people of the area wish to get a hotel built to accommodate the increasing number of pilgrims coming to the area.

The stark difference in Sara and Sushant’s lifestyle and way of being is made apparent more than once and is established over several scenes.

But it is Sara and Sushant’s on-screen chemistry that will touch your heart. It is innocent and just the kind of romance that brings a smile on your face, especially the scene where he sings lag jaa gale for her.

Sushant, like always, becomes the character he plays. His restrained performance will make you sit up and notice him without a blink. Sara, on the other hand, is brilliant for her debut film. She is unabashed, confident and brings with her a sense of freshness that makes her character even more likable.


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