Littering Or Urinating In Public? Be Prepared To Pay A Fine Between Rs 200 to Rs 5,000

Living in India, we are quite aware of the fact of peeing in Pubic. Now, Government has taken strict actions against it.

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Economic Times reports says that those indulging in public urination could be fined Rs 200 while those throwing garbage could be fined Rs 100.

The penalties will start from Rs 200 and could go upto Rs 5,000 depending on the offence, reports Hindustan Times

The urban development ministry has asked states to impose penalties in a phased manner. So as per the schedule, states need to impose the penalties –

In at least one ward of a city by April 30
In all wards of 10-15 cities by December 2016
In all wards of all cities by September 30, 2018.

But many experts have argued that it is unfair to fine people when there aren’t enough public sanitation facilities.

Hence, the central government has said states to provide an adequate number of public toilets, ensuring facilities for door-to-door garbage collection and adequate dustbins at public places where the fines will be imposed.

However, it’s still not clear how the states will implement these norms. But it is still a step towards a clean future.

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