Legends of the Game – Virat Kholi Vs Lionel Messi

In a country like India, there is a large fan following for cricket. In fact cricket is considered to be a religion, there are very small rooms for any other sports. In case of football, it is second most popular game in the country with a very little fan following. As expected, football has been a benchwarmer, just like any other sports in India.

Players like Pele, Beckham, Maradona are few legends of football. You even see rural villages of Africa with kids sporting in Beckham, Messi jerseys, playing football.

Similarly in cricket, Bradman, Tendulkar, Richards are legends. In India, you will find people roaming around streets wearing cricket jerseys. Anyways, jerseys doesn’t decide the fan following.

We must have seen various comparisons between football and cricket. Most talked about in India, basic fam background and various achievements. But today we are comparing great player of the same- Virat Kholi and Lionel Messi!


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