Lady Kitty Spencer, the niece of late Princess Diana, ties the knot with Fashion tycoon Michael Lewis.

@dolcegabbana share a picture with the caption, “A glimpse at the #AltaModa gowns created exclusively by Dolce&Gabbana for @kitty.spencer on the most important day of her life.  

The looks included a Victorian inspiration lace bridal gown.”

Kitty Spencer who is 30 got wed with Michael Lewis who is 62 in a grand wedding that was straight out of a fairy tale. The Grand Royal wedding took place at the villa in Aldobrandini in Frascati, Italy.

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During the complete show all the attention was caught by Lady Kitty Spencer, the neice of late Princess Diana.

She took five tremendous wedding gowns made by the world’s best designers. All the outfits wore by Lady Kitty Spencer took the limelight all over. The gown which lady Kitty Spencer was wearing was highly inspired by the Victorian era. 

According to a report to the independent, the gown worn by lady Kitty Spencer’s mother Victoria Lookwood in her wedding in the past as well.

Daily Express tweeted on twitter, “Lady Kitty Spencer wows in wedding dress inspired by Kate Middleton and Grace Kelly”

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