Kozhikode Train Accident 3 Died & Few Were Injured After Man Attacked its Fellow Passengers

Following an argument inside a moving train near Elathoor in Kozhikode, Kerala, a man lit his fellow passenger on fire, resulting in eight people suffering burn injuries. Around 10 p.m. on Sunday, the event happened inside the D1 compartment of the Alappuzha-Kannur Executive Express train. After the event, a bag was also discovered on the railroad track. To determine whether the suitcase belonged to the suspect, police are looking into the matter. The Maoist or terrorist aspect cannot yet be ruled out. Anil Kant, the DGP for Kerala, stated that the police are investigating the events from all sides and that CCTV footage is being examined. 

Railway sources claim that the unidentified suspect was able to flee when the train slowed down due to commuters pulling the emergency chain. The other passengers swiftly extinguished the fire and called the Railway Protection Force. (RPF). A hundred metres from the incident scene, three bodies were discovered on a train track. The same household includes all three of the deceased. The RPF transported those who suffered burn injuries in the event to the hospital. After the required check, the train could proceed on its route.

Police released the photo of the accused and try to snap him after the incident.

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