Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ka Jaan Review

In Kisi Ka Bhai the heroic and unbeatable male lead, Kisi Ki Jaan, adores his three brothers and swears to protect the family of his sweetheart at all means. That is a heavy burden to shoulder in a movie this thin. Salman Khan, the film’s lead actor, assumes responsibility, goes all out, and divides his Bhaijaan persona into two.

Because neither performs well, the star flops between the two stools and reaches an all-time low. The Farhad Samji-directed film KKBKKJ is a laughably amateurish production that is likely to have two distinct affects on the audience (unless, of course, you are a fan of the star and are willing to be forgiving). 

The principal actor has long, flowing hair in the first half and utters nonsense about societal responsibility and fraternal love. In the second, the focus moves to the expansive home of a family in South India, but the man still repeats the same platitudes about violence and non-violence while having a short mop.

The writing is at the very bottom of the heap. Even as Venkatesh Daggubati steps into the breach as the embodiment of virtue and Jagapathi Babu as malevolence personified in an effort to save the movie from its plasticky dullness and add some strident, traditional good-versus-evil melodrama into the proceedings, the performance doesn’t fair much better.

Film has worst story writing but since Salman Khan is ion film let’s see how it works.

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