Kim Kardashian knows how to remain in news, with or without clothes.

Just a few days have passed when Kim Kardashian and Kane West posted a selfie with Hillary and the social media blew off the computer screens. This hype is too little for Kim Kardashian so she made a bigger news by posting her Nude Selfie with a baby bump.

Kim is not a blonde and this can be said if you hear the witty replies she gives to questions she is asked on shows. One of the best replies being to the Question, “Do you have any Tattos?” Kim Kardashian replied, “Honey,would you put Bumper Stickers on a Bentley?”. Amazing lady.

She even posted a selfie with morning sickness drug Diclegis and drew the ire of the FDA due to certain lapses in the information provided in the promotion. US FDA allows advertising of Prescription drugs although the rules for promotion are very stringent.

Actually there was a lot of talk of her getting too fat and people doubting her pregnancy. Kim has her own style of doing things although people still feel she just does these things for seeking attention. BUT aren’t all celebrities like that? Attention Seekers.

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