Kim Kardashian blasts Bette Midler, Chloe Grace Moretz over nude selfie comments.

Kim Kardashian posted a naked selfie, that has garnered more than 87,500 retweets on Twitter and over 1.1 million likes on Instagram.
As is often the case with Kardashian selfies, lots of people had thoughts! And in particular, actress Chloe Moretz tweeted back at her.
The 19-year-old actress called out Kim on Twitter.
“I truly hope you realize how important setting goals are for young women, teaching them we have so much more to offer than just our bodies,” Moretz wrote.

Moretz elaborated on her tweets soon after, denying accusations that the comments were meant to “slut-shame” the reality star. “There’s a huge difference in respecting the platform that you’re given as a celebrity and ‘slut shaming,’” she writes, “something I never have done and would never do.”

Kim, meanwhile, responded indirectly at first:

But then she shared the tea-sipping Kimoji and a new “liberated” nude photo, as well as a note acknowledging that she’s “late to the party” because she’d been too busy cashing “my 80 million video game check”

She called out Bette Midler- Bette had joked earlier about Kim’s overexposure:

So Kim asked for some of her nude photos in return, if it weren’t “past your bedtime”.

And then she came for Chloe too.

After this Kardashian sent two more messages. One indicated the photo was from last year.

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