Key Chinese Defence Forces Minister to Visit India.

On 25th April, China official has announced that the defence Minister General Li Shangfu is going to attend SCO event hosted by India. It will be held in New Delhi.  It will be the first visit of China’s defence minister to India after galwan clash. General li Shangfu is the key person of china armed forces and he has handled many important projects of china army lately. He is very close to China’s president Xi Jinping. Gen. Li will meet to Mr. Rajnath Singh, defence minister of India and to delegations of other member countries. It is being considered an important meeting regarding the issues on LAC especially on eastern Ladakh.

SCO( shanghai Cooperation) member countries are India, China, Russia, kyrgyz Republic,Kazakhstan,Tajikistan,Uzbekistan and Pakistan.

Russia’s defence minster has also confirmed his participation in sco meeting. It will be the first visit of Russia’s defence minster after ukraine-russia war. Pakistan and other member countries  are also invited but the chances are Pakistan is going to skip it. There is no confirmation from pakistan officials till now. 

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