Kejriwal in CBI Custody: Delhi CM’s Arrest Sparks Political Storm

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) arrested the Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal
on Wednesday, creating a fresh political storm in the capital. Kejriwal is accused of
corruption connected with the controversial Delhi excise policy scam as he heads Aam
Aadmi Party (AAP), the national convener. These developments came after the CBI
obtained a three-day custody order of the Delhi Chief Minister from Special Judge Amitabh
According to CBI’s argument for arresting Kejriwal, his interrogation was vital in order to find
out about this omnibus conspiracy involving scrapped excise policy. The investigating
agency stated that it needed to confront him with evidence as well as other accused persons
involved in this case. In relation to this alleged malfeasance, a “south lobby” behind scenes
who dictated terms are pointing fingers at Kejriwal.
This scandal has shaken up Delhi politics because there were financial discrepancies due to
some manipulation associated with excise policy. This matter has also been investigated by
the Enforcement Directorate (ED) which has linked it with money laundering activities.
Therefore, for the ongoing investigation, Kejriwal’s arrest is a major advancement.
Efforts to arrest Kejriwal were rapid and divided into two extremes. On the other hand, AAP
officials and followers have condemned it as politically motivated, which they say is aimed at
tarnishing the party image and disrupting its governance. They allege that this investigation
is nothing, but a witch hunt orchestrated by rival political forces that feel threatened by the
growing influence of AAP.
However, to some opposition parties this arrest is seen as important for accountability and
transparency among others. According to them, no one should be above law irrespective of
his/her status in politics.

As per reports, Kejriwal’s custody days at CBI will be spicy for political conversations in
Delhi. The Chief Minister’s legal team is preparing for a strong defense line in court, while
CBI remains steadfastly resolved on intensifying its probe into the alleged conspiracy more
deeply. With the nation watching keenly, this saga drags on with possible consequences on
the political future of one of India’s greatest leaders.

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