Kangna Ranaut SAYS things that other Actors fear. ‘I made it without a Khan’

Recently Kangna was Quoted as saying, “I made it without a film starring the Khans.” This is a bold but true statement for many reasons. There is hardly any actress in the current generation who has not been ‘launched’ opposite either Salmaan, SRK or Aamir khan before making it big at Bollywood.

Once Kangna refused a 2 crore fairness cream ad because she believed it’s racist in its concept. Kangna then said
“Ever since I was a kid, I have never understood the concept of fairness. Especially, in such a case, as a celebrity, what kind of an example would I be setting for younger people? I have no regrets about turning this offer down. As a public figure, I have responsibilities and want to stick to them.”

Kangna with her strong character and attitude has become the inspiration for many.

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