Jamy Vardy is not Married but has 3 children! Dad SAYS he is Upset!

Jamy Richard Vardy is at the cusp of creating history. Leicester City’s pre season odds of winning the Title were 5000-t0- 1, now they are just a few hours and 3 points away. Vardy has played the pivotal role by scoring 22 goals for his team.  His personal life has been quite different though.

Jamy Vardys life makes a perfect story for a movie. It is a perfect Rags to Riches story. It also has the Masala of romance, betrayal and family fights. Emilia Clarke is likely to play Becky in the movie.

Vardy now has Becky Nicholson, 34, as his partner and Becky has a history of Dumbing guys for an Upgrade!. Becky has in this very short time with Vardy, been able to separate Vardy from his Parents. They now live in Leicestershire . They have their (own) 17-month-old daughter, Becky’s six-year-old son with Boyfrient No2, and her daughter from Boyfriend no 1.

Well!! Lets see If Vardy Changes his Jersy no from 9 to 3!!

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