Jamshedpur Woman Orders Food Online, Allegedly Finds Condom Inside.

With the online presence of almost every restaurant, getting food delivered to your doorstep has never been easier. But at what cost?

A woman had reportedly placed an order for chilli paneer from a restaurant named Dosa Hut through a newly-launched food app, Gravycart.com.

The restaurant not only refused to accept that it was their fault and blamed the food deals app, restaurant owner Sudip Dutta also went on to blame the woman for doing it herself, reported Deccan Chronicle.
The entire incident was narrated by her friend in a Facebook post.

“Hello Friends,

Need you help/opinion on a very sensitive issue. I’m making this post on behalf on my friend who has faced something horrendous/disgusting and inhuman today with a food chain. The friend is so shocked and numb that it cannot be described. So what has happened actually.

My friend had ordered two items from this chain called Dosa Hut Sakchi, Jamshedpur today. The order details are as below:-
1 Spring Roll Dosa, 1 Chilli Paneer. Order Total- 205.
The food was delivered by a delivery startup in Jamshedpur called Gravycart.com. The details received from Gravy Cart upon order confirmation with order no F0F13865-B1A-BA0 and estimated time of delivery- 0:45 mins.

The order comes, delivered by Gravycart.com. As soon as the box of chilli paneer was opened, what we found was disgusting, inhuman and horrendous beyond imagination. The box of paneer chilli had a CONDOM….!!!!! The pic is attached for everyone to see. Now, how would you feel if you have to face something like this..? My friend was so disgusted, she had to return the order as it took sometime to even absorb, let alone comprehend what just happened. Adn when we returned, the delivery boy had the audacity to say “aapko 2 minute khaane k baad samajh aaya k isme kya hai ” THIS is the audacity of these b******s. If you can live without killing the delivery boy on hearing this very moment, you have to be some special kind of human being.

Food companies make mistakes, fine. A hair strand, a mosquito etc is commonplace, but this is plain disgustingly inhuman and violent.

When we reached out to Gravycart.com, their reply was that they are only purveyors and just pick stuff and deliver. The onus of food quality is not on them. Now, we reached out to this stupid, filthy outlet Dosa Hut Sakchi, their front manager did not reply courteously on call. We asked him to pass on his manager’s contact details and he did. His name is Mr Sudip Datta. His contact No. is-7209698189. We tried talking to him, but he kept cutting calls. He picked once and said , he will call after ten mins and he did. We told him, what we just went through and his first reply was “Gravy Cart walon ne kia hoga. Aap unse baat kijiye. hamne nahi kia. hamare yahan teen log khaana pack karte hain. ho hi nahi sakta. He kept beating about the bush and kept ranting that it’s not his mistake, let alone responsibility of food safety.”

Now, the important question is, who’s to be blamed..? The Food Company and The delivery Company, both are accusing each other and just passing the buck. But, none of them, none of them tried to reach out to the customer of their own accord to assure them of any draconian measures they wish to take. Instead, both the parties are trying to save their grace and defending their hollow practices.

We understand, this isn’t a normal case of a food messed up delivery, it’s rather violent and inhuman. We want your opinion on should we go legal, we definitely want to and want it bad. Such filthy joints should not exist and their fssai licences and everything should be confiscated and they should be removed from every food portal that exists on internet. This cannot be “just another case”, there could be more dark versions of this and can happen in any city (Let’s not go on blaming Jamshedpur just for the heck of it). Inhuman elements can be everywhere, but the example has to be shoved in the face of such inhuman rascals who have polluted something as sacred as food and violated a human being. Please help, how should we go ahead with this case.

Admin- Please feel free to remove this post, if you think this isn’t in everyone’s interest.


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