Jaitley SAID Rahul disappeared for a Jaunt, public says he went to a Massage Aunt.

After coming back from his mysterious leave Rahul Gandhi has been quite active, Vocally and Physically and seems to have come back to oil the Congress machinery. Rahul has also hired some good script writers and is coming up with phrases like ‘Suit-Boot ki Sarkar’. Arun Jaitley while speaking in the Parliament replied back saying this is a ‘Soojh-Boojh ki sarkar’.

Jaitly also compared the foreign trips of Rahul and PM Modi. here is the Video

“There is a difference between performing a national duty & disappearing for a jaunt.” “Ye Soojh-Boojh Ki Sarkar Hai, Aur Isme Koi Galatfaimi Na Rahe,” FM responds to Rahul’s suit-boot jibe

Posted by TIMES NOW on Thursday, April 30, 2015

Public has some interesting comments to make on this one.


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